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Saffron Vandalism

Saffron Vandalism

The view from the RSS and the BJP led government is the only way that the ABVP goons follow. They intentionally tear the posters which criticise their shameful acts & decisions. We say that a poster is an ideology. By tearing it into pieces they tear the various secular ideologies that have held the diversity of India in all manners.

The rampage that we see around— all started with the BJP taking the power in the centre & the states, and placing their destructive people in the academics and various educational institutions. The list is endless in a number ranging from FTII to Savitribai Phule Pune University and seems to be growing like a poisonous snake which would, unfortunately, demolish the nation. The assassination of the Marxists and Ambedkarite ideologies is the sole motto of the so-called credible [jhoote] nationalists.

After [FTII], IIT Madras, Central University of Hyderabad, JNU, Jadhavpur University, Fergusson College, Ramjas College, now it’s Savitribai Phule Pune University where SFI activists were brutally attacked by the hired ABVP goons. On 24th Feb, in the early evening when the SFI activists were putting up the posters condemning the threatening statements made by Maharashtra Education Minister Mr Vinod Tawade against the Solapur Polytechnic students, the offensive statements made by Mr Prashant Paricharak regarding the family of soldiers, and the brutal attack thrashed on the students and Professors in Delhi by the ABVP goons, the 20-25 abvp goons [mostly out of the university campus] started beating up 5 SFI activists. They were being asked , ‘Why did you put up the names of BJP and ABVP on the posters?’ Since there was not enough security force, they started hitting the SFI activists with stones, branches, wooden rods, belts, coconuts etc. Therein, ABVP’s Mr Ram Satpute personally abused Mr Naseer Shaikh [The President of SFI SPPU] by applying derogatory terms like Landya and the likes. Almost for 30 minutes, these goons inflicted all types of harmful stuff on the SFI activists which seriously injured these activists. The SFI activists have sustained many injuries and scars on their necks, backs, legs, knees, faces, arms, etc.

After hue and cry by the people around and before the intervention of the police, these goons cunningly escaped from the spot. After some time the SFI students filed an FIR against the ABVP goons.

We, the SFI, feel that the nation seems to have moved beyond the imagination, where food is being censored, books are getting banned, and stones are getting worshipped. As rightly said by the martyr Bhagat Singh, ‘you can kill the individuals, but not the ideas.’ We firmly know that they [the organised goons] cannot kill our ideas of the secular and socialist India. We also thank the university students and the security personnel who stood by us.

Nasir Shaik


Updated : 28 Feb 2017 7:19 AM GMT
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