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Is it Really shocking??

Is it Really shocking??

We all have seen our children doing many activities and having fun but what happens when your young children start doing some inappropriate activities yes some sexual activities. Few school students were found doing some inappropriate activities the children were sitting in a group of boys and girls when the girl in the public lift her skirt up and the boys sitting besides were recording it yet the girl was smiling and had no problem with it.

This is not at all shocking for this generation as children have been doing this in the influence of games which have even forced the children to suside and take such awful steps and has been a trend amongst these young generation there are various game which challenged and dared the young generation to try the kids nowadays want to challenge the society and have thrill in their lives along with a feeling to prove that they are lot of guts and is absolutely normal among the kids though shocking for the parents .

These days the are upgrading very fast and in a unexpected way the parents are shocked to know that there kids are learning such inappropriate activities from somewhere though the kids are been guided by what is good and bad the kids are finding these things to be cool and spoiling there future and name .

Mallika Ambekar

Updated : 8 July 2017 2:39 PM GMT
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