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India Sings No More Samsung !

India Sings No More Samsung !

Contrary to its brand name, Samsung mobiles have proved to be a nightmare to its Indian Customers. Earlier Samsung has raised ruckus for its alleged financial involvement with South Korean PM which staked his political carrier and lately its proving to be lethal to Indian eyes as well.

Its been apparent by now that Samsung has launched malfunctioned instruments in the Indian market. Because of its high brand value,Samsung mobiles have been a top choice for Indian customers. But many of them are bound to complain about a pink line which appears to their screens and disrupts other functions. But Samsung has been apathetic towards the growing number of complaints.

The complaints are largely about the display screen of its Edge S6 & Edge S7 models. Especially in S7 Edge models, a pink line disrupts in between the screen and divides it into two parts. Also its touch pads have a small shell life.

These models have been launched in Indian market with a launching price of Rs. 38000 for Edge S6 and Rs. 50000 for Edge S7 last year in the month of March.

Many high profile customers in India have twitted against its malfunction but Samsung authorities have been unconcerned so far.

'I purchased Samsung mobile last year in the month of July. Since then i have been using it without any tear & wear. But recently i am highly disturbed to see a pink line across the screen which has been an hinderance while using. I lodged complaint on Samsung helpline but in vain.'

Chaitnya Joshi, Entrepreneur, Mumbai

'Max Maharashtra ' Head & senior Journalist Mr. Ravindra Ambekar also twitted directly to the CEO of Samsung. But he flatly refused to entertain the complaint.



‘I purchased Samsung mobile for its reliability feature. Many times i complained on their helpline about the notorious pink line but no reply from their side.

'Sandeep Deshpande, Leader (MNS Party)

In the year 2016, this South Korea based techno giant company has sold largest number of smart phone sets in India with a market share of 28.50 %. While Indian customers have been creating havoc against its reputation on social media, Samsung seems perverted so far.

  • Jyashree Ingle

Updated : 22 March 2017 2:37 PM GMT
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